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PhD student at UW Madison working with Basil Tikoff.


  1. How do mantle materials behave during deformation in the crust? And, what is the microstructural record of changing behavior during exhumation and/or incorporation into the crust?

  2. How do deformation mechanisms of peridotites activate differently between deformation conditions (from mantle to crust to laboratory)?

  3. What tectonic significance do the strength and deformation styles of mantle-derived rocks carry at different depths in the lithosphere?


In general, I study structurally improved rocks. Currently, I am interested in the styles and mechanisms of deformation in exhumed lithospheric mantle materials.

Previous work...

  1. M.S. degree at San Jose State University. Thesis: “Structure of the Central Skagit Gneiss Complex, Stehekin, North Cascades, Washington”

  2. Staff geologist at Cotton, Shires, and Associates, Inc.

I also enjoy the hobbies of coffee roasting, circuit building, and kite aerial photography, all of which I feel compliment geoscience. In my nonexistent spare time I also play jazz drums.